What To Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Most people think of nursing homes as safe places. When your loved one can no longer take care of himself, a nursing home can be the only solution. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents have become victims of terrible abuse at the hands of their caretakers. Some patients are starved, while others are ignored and beaten. If you notice changes in your loved ones, abuse could be the culprit. Taking legal action is one way to address the wrongs that have been done to your loved ones.

There are many types of abuse that can go on in a nursing home, including financial, physical, and emotional abuse. It is important to be vigilant if you have loved ones in a nursing home. You must monitor the conditions and take action if you notice that anything is amiss.

Over 90 million Americans are in nursing homes and the number is expected to rise. The cost is huge for families and many nursing homes don’t have enough staff, or employees come and go all the time. When the staff isn’t invested in the nursing  home, they tend to neglect the residents.

They just don’t care, and abuse can easily happen.  Some studies indicate that 1 in 3 nursing home patients are victims of abuse, while another study estimates that 85 percent of all patients have experienced abuse at some point.

banner-nursing-home-abuseIf you have a loved one in a nursing home, you might notice things like open wounds or bed sores. Your loved one might end up having a broken bone or look painfully thin and malnourished. Your loved one may look spacey. This happens when the nursing home staff medicates patients so they don’t have to take care of them. Your loved one may smell and look unwashed. They may also act scared.

Millions of seniors suffer from some type of abuse each year, including sexual and financial abuse. Some patients have lost all their money to thieves in nursing homes and have endured rapes and other sexual assaults. Some patients have even lost their lives. Read more at elder abuse in nursing homes.

Most abuse cases are neglect cases. The patient just gets completely ignored and doesn’t get the medication that they need or the medical care they need either. Some patients don’t get fed and there  have been plenty of cases where nursing home patients are dehydrated or malnourished because they aren’t getting food. Some patients are just shut away in their rooms and forgotten. When they complain, they are given medication that turns them into vegetables.

It is crucial to see a lawyer if you suspect nursing home abuse. Get the help you need from an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. They will give you a free consultation and go over your options with you. Suing the nursing home is a viable way to get justice for your loved one and ensure that the nursing home is held accountable in some way for their actions. Set up a consultation with a lawyer right away.