The Rental History of an Apartment

When an individual is in the process of searching for an apartment it is normal to be excited. The adrenaline rises especially for those who are first time renters. The joy should not overpower the ability to think positively and soberly. Why say this? The renter should remember to check the rental history of the apartment. The apartment definitely has a history that should be scrutinized before any serious tenant occupies the apartment. Only new apartments may lack a history to be presented to the tenant. However old apartments should have a story that the new tenant may be interested in.

History of Bills

One of the main things that one should check and ensure is in the correct status. There are some apartments in which the tenant is forcefully evicted for they can no longer pay for their utility bills. When such a case occurs, the landlord should be courteous enough to clear the bills before they can rent it out to a new tenant. They may not pay the accumulated bills and this may lead to the bill being slapped on the new tenant without their knowledge. The new tenant should check and ensure that the electricity and water bills are nil before they can start using them. Great care should be taken in this regard.

apartment-rentHistory of Appliances and Furniture

Another area that should be considered is the area of the operational appliances and existing fixed furniture in the room. They should be in the best working condition before one is able to use them. The documentation should indicate that all the cupboards, wardrobes, electric switches and electric sockets are in good working order. When they go through the history they are likely to determine which ones are prone to easy breakages and spoilages according to the number of repairs that are done on them. The more the rate of repairs, the higher the chances that they are weak or prone to constant breakages and spoilage. One should strive to leave them better than they found them or in the same status as they have been from the time one starts using them.

Studio-Apartment-For-RentHistory of Security

Security is a major factor in anybody’s life. Both human life and property should be kept safe at all times. The new tenant needs to also analyze the security status of the apartment. Apart from the availability of security personnel in the compound one should establish the cases of theft that could have been reported on the apartment. One should establish if there has been any attempted theft or any successful one. The security of the neighborhood should also be greatly put into considerations. The types of locks on the door should also be checked and the history should show if there has been a reason that could have caused them to be changed. The conditions of the windows should also be confirmed to be okay, since some theft instances are made possible through the open windows.

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